California Highway 1 Roadtrip

12801446_10153949414056240_5742947135363287140_n This past week I did my second drive from Northern California to Southern California and I must say, that drive will never get old! Here was our itinerary, starting in San Jose and ending in Newport Beach.

2.28 Sunday

START – San Jose

11 AM on the road

1:30ish reach Big Sur  (takes about 2 hours and 30 to get there)

  • Short hike down to Partington cove – This was absolutely stunning. I was lucky enough to find a review for this stop and we are so thankful! We basically had the place to our selves and brought a little picnic down to eat on the rocks. There is the first trail going down through the tunnel pictured below or you can take a separate trail that turns to get even closer to the water. Definitely a must-stop on this drive through Big Sur!12795332_10153949413701240_5432119671953692344_n

3 PM back on the road (takes about 2 hours and 30 to get to SLO)

4:30ish San Luis Obispo area for the night

We chose the Magical Yurt and it really was perfect, highly recommend!! That was Chris and I’s first time with this new “glamping” concept and it was amazing.


2.29 Monday (HAPPY LEAP YEAR!)

12ish on the road heading south – We stopped at Kreuzberg, an amazing Berlin-inspired coffee shop on our drive out of town and I was ecstatic how much it reminded me of my time studying in Berlin.

We had initially planned on staying the night in Malibu Monday night but our entire drive down the coast that day we were in a giant cloud. We figured since the weather wasn’t prime we would just cut the drive short and make it to Newport that night. Still loved every second of the adventure!

Have you every done the PCH/Highway 1 drive? Tell me your favorite parts. I definitively plan to do variations of this trip again in the future. I mean, how lucky are we that all this beauty is just a long-weekend trip away by car?!




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