Why You Should Start Fostering Dogs Today

Who doesn’t love puppies? They actually may be one of the best things to have around. Constant companionship from such a little cute thing…and they never think your stories are boring! Every time you come home there is a tiny creature ecstatic to see you. BUT, as I hope most people realize, it is a huge commitment to own a dog. That’s why I foster!


I began fostering for the local rescue sophmore year of in college. As a 20 something, committing to owning a dog is not the best idea for most..but of course, going through life without a dog around is basically unbearable! Once I heard that dog rescues need fosters to help so they can save more dogs..it was like a dream come true! Here, watch this two month old puppy, we’ll give you everything he will need and will let you know when we find a loving home for him. Don’t mind if I do!


But really, on a more serious note, I think the best part about fostering is getting to have an affect on these puppies’ lives. I can’t even think of how amazing it must be to go from sitting in a crate all day waiting for volunteers to let you out to having a person who plays with you and takes you all these new places! Some of these dogs have been starving on the streets, wandering alone or left as a litter in a box without their mom or any shelter. Fostering gives them a life better than they could have possibly dreamed of!

Foster rescue corgi-dachshund
Ellie, my foster failure and BFF ❤

“But isn’t it hard to let them go?” is the question that I always get. Well, no. Because the more foster dogs you are able to watch means the more dogs your rescue can adopt out of the shelter. That many more lives saved and on their way to find their forever homes! Not to say by any means that its not okay to keep a dog of your own forever. I must admit, after fostering close to 20 dogs and puppies, I caved and kept one. To clarify, my parents adopted her for me as a surprise so I didn’t TOTALLY give in 😉 But, I am beyond happy they did!
If I  could encourage everyone wanting to get a puppy to considering fostering before adopting or getting a dog from a breeder, I would. Not only do you get to see first hand just how much responsibility and care goes into caring for a puppy, but you get a feel for what type of personalities they can have. It as SO fun picking up a new dog from the rescue because it was like meeting a new little friend (bonus that they are furry and cute!). Will they be hyper and need constant attention? (Lulu and Harper) Or worse, constant supervision? (Louie!) Maybe they’re more of a loner and you find yourself constantly losing them only to find them curled up on the chair on the porch (Rocky!). They all have their own little personalities…with so many dogs out there needing to be rescued, why would you not let some of them crash at your place until you find your new best friend?

Having a foster dog is never boring. Either you’re talking to your puppy because well, its just too cute not to talk to! Or you’re talking to people about the puppy. With in the first few hours of getting my puppy I had met three new friends whom we bonded with after our puppy started hanging out with their schnauzer at lunch. You honestly can’t walk more than five minutes with out someone coming up to you and asking to pet your dog. (Hint hint guys, puppies are great ways to ensure the usual flock of girls around you is continuously growing.)rescue dogs

Contact your local shelter for specifications on fostering but I guarantee almost all would welcome your help. Get ready for a new furry best friend, tons of new acquaintances, and a small lesson in time management and responsibility. Who wouldn’t want that!


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