Bikes and books in Newport Beach, CA

Life in Newport Beach

I must say, I’m pretty lucky. I’ve lived in some awesome places in my short 23 years. The coast of Florida, the Big Apple, and now I can add Southern California to the list. I spent the last 8 months living in Newport Beach. Home to the original Real Housewives of OC, what seems to be about 1/3 of the world’s Tesla population as well as some amazing surf and great friends! There are so many things to love about life in Newport Beach and I am so thankful for the time I was fortunate enough to spend there!


To begin with, I was living 4 houses off of the beach. YUP, not exaggerating.  My best friend Alissa and I lucked out finding a winter rental (its common down there to find houses to rent from September until May and then they get rented out per week at higher rates during summer season) We were about 2 blocks from the pier, bars and restaurants which was awesome of course. There’s also a wide sidewalk along the beach perfect for riding bikes, but going into spring break/ summer season it can definitely be a bit frustrating due to crowds! In addition to being on the beach our place came fully finished AND with 2 parking spots. MAJOR PLUS.

Sunset in Newport Beach, CA

Overall life in Newport was like one long vacation. A lot places on the peninsula are rentals so there’s a lot of young people around (good and bad depending how drunk some people are…) Lys and I absolutely loved our time living down there, but definitely don’t think living down there forever would be something for me. Here’s a little round up of some of our favorite spots!


Porrovita – One of the cutest tropical little acai bowl and juice places I ever did see. They also sell some cool handmade/up-cycled clothes from Costa Rica!

Bear Flag Fish Co. – Ever heard of poke? This Hawaiian style of ahi tuna chunked and served with chips (& if you’re like me, lots of hot sauce) will change your life.

Alta Coffee – The cutest little place hidden away on the other side of the peninsula and perfect for breakfast or just hanging out over coffee.

Avila Ranchito – $5 taco Tuesday buffet = actually heaven. It does get super packed but I mean, its obviously worth it.



Yoga on the beach – There’s nothing quite like waking up and being able to go to the beach for yoga or surfing before work. Or to catch the sunset of course! Of course, beach life comes with sand. EVERYWHERE. In your shoes, sheets, in your pockets when you turn your pants inside out. It may seem like an inconvenience at first but I think I’m secretly going to miss it;)

Blue Beet – The only bar on the peninsula allowed to have live music every night so obviously it became our favorite!

Paddle Boarding & Duffy Boats – Our side of the peninsula had waves and the beach and the other is a harbor full of sailboats. It’s super fun to rent paddle boards (most places are around $10-$15 an hour, so not awful) or little Duffy boats of you’re with a group who knows how to drive a boat!

Watching the waves at the Wedge – This infamous surf spot can get waves up to 30 ft in the right conditions! Clearly I wasn’t out there getting at those but it is really awesome to watch from the beach. Click the link to see the live see the live video feed on Surfline!

Yoga at the Wedge in Newport Beach, CA

Bikes and books in Newport Beach, CA

Learning to surf!


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