Why I Quit My Dream Job

I started at PacSun HQ last February as the CRM marketing intern and quickly landed my eCommerce Marketing position soon after. I was SO excited that I had found the job I was dreaming up in college and it basically fell into my lap! After working in the PacSun stores since age 16, making it to HQ was such an accomplishment! I learned so much so fast and was lucky enough to be surrounded with some great coworkers who really helped make working there as great as it was.

Last day at PacSun
Of course, any job no matter what you’re doing or what industry you’re in has its ups and downs. It wasn’t always amazing at PacSun but I did love how much responsibility I was given. Working with the buying team, I oversaw marketing initiatives from concept to development on all women’s site marketing, lookbook campaigns and email campaigns. Seeing my ideas come to life on our website for millions of people was awesome!!! (Check out some of my favorite projects on my portfolio site.)
Yet, I realized back around October that there was still something I was unsettled about. You know, that feeling when you aren’t unhappy but longing for something or somewhere you haven’t discovered yet. I’m sure we’ve all gone through the same “Am I doing what I’m meant to be doing? Am I even good at my job? Wait you really have to go to work and do the same thing 5 out of 7 days a week forever???” It’s tough! SO I semi-secretly decided I was going to change my situation once my lease was up in May. Not that I didn’t love California and PacSun…Trust me, there were many sleepless nights (or in my case anxiety filled dreams) but there was still something inside me telling me that while this may be crazy to most of the people I knew, I had to do something.
My plan was to do a yoga teacher training since that is something I’ve wanted to do since getting certified to teach group fitness back in 2012. I’ve always (and still do) plan on doing a training in a remote location to have a fully immersed and focused learning experience. Unfortunately, I wasn’t coming across any schools I felt drawn to enough that had dates that worked for me. So that adventure will be TBD for the future! (Suggestions and input are greatly appreciated!)

Fortunately, the most amazing opportunity to travel Europe presented itself once Chris and I met and shortly after discovered we both wanted to go abroad this summer. Once he found out he got a research position at UCL we quickly got to planning. And now a few months later, I’m on a plane on the way home after having my last day at Pac yesterday.
CRAZY, I know. Was this a slightly nerve wracking roller coaster of an experience that I’m not quite sure I completely understand what I got my self into? Probably. Am I little scared of not knowing what’s going to happen a few months down the road? Yuuuup. Is it stopping me? No!
I take off for London on Tuesday and plan to travel all over Europe for the next few months while we’re over there. I could not be more excited to see where this crazy trip will take us! Stay tuned for more updates from across the pond coming to you soon πŸ™‚




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