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Governor’s Ball Music Festival NYC Quick Tips

With three days until one of the most fun music festivals I’ve been to, I can’t help but wish I was in the States to attend Governor’s Ball this year! The Strokes are headlining with The Killers, M83, Bloc Party, Big Grams, Father John Misty, Mike Snow, Thomas Jack, Cold War Kids playing as well. (Full lineup here.) Gov Ball was one of the highlights from my summer in NYC. See below for a few tips I have to share from the year I went to help make the most of your time!

Governor's ball music festival

Governor's Ball music festival nEW YORK CITY

  1. Take the Subway! Located on Randall’s island, the subway takes you right to the bridge. There is about a 30 minute walk across to get to Randall’s Park but we found this was the cheapest way to get there. The ferries are cool but the tickets sold out pretty early, plus if you are pre-gaming with a group before, taking the metro is the easiest with a group! Just make sure you know what way to take the train…Taylor and I accidentally headed to Harlem our first night (which was also my first night in the city!) oops πŸ™‚
  2. Wear walking shoes! I know. Seems like a no brainier, but since there is a bit of a walk over the bridge, make sure your shoes will last allllll day. The 3rd day I ended up wearing sandals which was okay at the actual show…until the end of the day when they broke.
  3. Make sure you plan out what artists you want to see ahead of time. The worst part of my time at Gov ball was Broken Bells and Disclosure playing at the same time…SAD! With so many great artists in the line up though, you may run into overlaps more than you think. Make sure your group talks about who you want to see so there’s no stressful running around from stage to stage. Although, one of the best parts of Gov Ball is how close the stages are (compared to other venues) so seeing two people in the same time period is pretty do-able if you try!
  4. Check out all the food trucks and booths! They’re pretty expensive, but all things considered, totally worth it! The Maine lobster rolls and Momofuku milk bar cookies were some of my favorites πŸ™‚

Have fun and enjoy!!!!




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