Historical Sunday Sights in London Town

Another great Sunday exploring the city! Chris and I were able to see so many sights in one laid-back afternoon of exploring, I thought I would share our route for anyone looking to explore more of the east and south bank of the city.

We stared with brunch at Attendant in Shoreditch. My friend Eileen has been amazing and telling me things she loved about the city when she was here, Shoreditch being one of them. I actually saw Attendnt’s poached egg avocado toast and passion fruit French toast featured on the @BreakfastLondon IG page so thought brunch there was a perfect excuse to explore the neighborhood! And yes, the food was absolutely as awesome as it looks! We also got the loose leaf lemon grass tea which was great and tasted weirdly like Fruity Pebbles. The restaurant itself was super cute and I got a great plant decor idea I’m planning on stealing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next we walked south west to our next stop Museum of London. Since all the museums are free we thought we may as well pop in for an hour or two and learn some history about this great city! Museums are also an awesome way to hide from the random rain storms that are quite frequent even on the most sunny days. Did you know that the City of London is actually it’s own country inside of London? Originally settled by the Romans and surrounded by a wall inย  200 AD,ย  the City of London even has its own mayor, laws and coat of arms.

We continued this little historical tour to the St. Paul’s Cathedral, which we learned was rebuilt around 1675 after the first one burned down in the Great Fire of London. We were tempted to do the dome climb but decided to save that 550 step climb for another day and check out the inside of the main congregation area instead.

We continued over the Millennium Bridge which crosses the River Thames and takes you right to the Tate Modern Art Museum. We didn’t visit because they are actually having the opening for the summer exhibits this week so we are waiting to go next week (so excited!) but I’ve heard amazing things about the Tate. The Millennium Bridge gives you great views of some of the big architecturally interesting buildings such as the Shard Hotel and of course lovely views of the river. Plus, it just looks really neat and modern itself.

Walking eastward along the river are all kinds of pubs and shops right on the path which makes this a nice walk! Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is also right there and we learned they have summer midnight showings of some of the plays which is really cool because there is no roof on the theater. Definitely looking forward to a show there soon! Anyone have any recommendations between the Taming of The Shrew or Macbeth?

While we were on the South Bank we figured we’d stop by the Borough Market which is past the London Bridge and a bit more south but super easy to find on the map. The market has all kinds of outdoor stands for food and treats and the surrounding narrow alleys make it kind of look like something you’d find in Harry Potter!

The London Bridge tube stop is right there so we took that home to conclude our nice afternoon of sight seeing. Loving how walk-able London is! You can just wander around and will always stumble upon something fun to do or beautiful sights to see.


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