Yoga practice

The Beauty of a Home Yoga Practice

One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga I have found is that it can be done anywhere. This is especially great when you are traveling like I am, because you know you can always find your center on your mat no matter where you may be. I know when you’re just starting to practice yoga it can be a bit intimidating. “Put my leg behind my head, balance on my forearms and flip into wheel? Wait what even is wheel? Yea right, I can’t do that.” Well no of course you can’t. You can’t do much of anything without learning how and practicing can you?  But once you’re past that initial hurdle of getting into a class and learning the basics you then learn what what all these ‘yogis’ have been trying to explain the whole time.

Yoga is so much more than the fancy studios, trendy clothes brands and crazy looking poses. You don’t need any of that to benefit from your practice, you just have to be willing to practice.  There are benefits to any and all practice, as long as it’s in good form of course. Sometimes it’s just not possible to make it into a studio for class. Usually because I have to buy food or other necessities and don’t have the money to spare afterwards. (Although I have seen a few Groupon deals for monthly passes which is a great way to try new studios.) And other times, life just gets too busy to find a 2+ hour chunk of time required to attend a class. Regardless of the reasons,  developing a home yoga practice and committing to it is an amazing way to deepen your relationship with yoga and personalize your practice.

First things first, find your designated space for your practice. If you’re like me, your home is so small you have a few options to pick from. That’s okay! As long as you have a place (or two, I often practice in my living room and on the patio when weather permits) that you know you can relax and focus in. I also like to set a minimum amount of time for my practice so I don’t find myself/mind getting distracted and wandering from my mat. My goal is 30 minutes a day, but choose what’s realistic and fits with your lifestyle! I find setting a daily goal really helps me to find time to fit my practice in every day.

Next, gather your mat and block/strap if needed and find a good playlist to move to. I’ve been checking out Wanderlust’s Vinyasa playlists on Spotify lately, they have a bunch of good ones. Think about if there are any areas you want to focus on working in your body or poses you want to make sure to practice. That’s the great part about practicing on your own, you can slow down and practice those poses and flows you may have tried once or twice in a class but know they need some extra work. Or maybe you just want to flow and move and feel present in the sensations you create. That’s cool too! I usually find my morning pre-work practices are often that way.

OR, if you’re not feeling like leading your own practice I’m a huge fan of They have countless free classes in a variety of styles, levels and lengths.  I can’t recommend it enough! My favorite teacher is Fiji McAlpine, she has a bunch of back bending and arm balance focused classes that are tough as well as some really great power flows to get your heart racing! I try to do at least a few classes from here per week, there are so many you could do one a day and never get tired of it! They also have other super-focused classes like yoga for the spine, yoga for runners, and yoga to help with sleep. Definitely check it out and let me know what you think!

I hope this inspires you to start your own home practice! Maybe starting with 10 minutes a night before bed and seeing where that takes you 🙂 As always, make sure you are being careful with form especially on back bends and inversions. Just another reason I love the Do Yoga With Me classes because you can still get form ques but can pause and personalize all you want!

Namaste friends. Xx

Yoga practice

Yoga Upward Dog



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