Day Trip to The White Cliffs of Dover

     We finally got our act together and planned a trip to the English countryside! We took the train from St. Pancreas station in Kings Cross to Dover, which was about a 2 hour trip each way at about £35 round trip.  Dover, while a pretty tiny town itself is known for its white cliffs which are in The National Trust Park. It also has the nations biggest shipping port and ferries to and from France. Unfortunately, the port kinda clashed with the natural beauty of the cliffs, but it was pretty neat to see from up above!
     Neither Chris nor I knew anything about Dover besides the pretty cliffs, so we both went into this trip with pretty low expectations. You know, get out of the city for a bit and hopefully find some cool view points for nice photos. We were so pleasantly surprised! As we walked from the station into the city we soon noticed an old castle came into view above which was super neat. As we kept walking there was a path to take up to the castle or you could continue along the coastline towards the cliffs. Since the cliffs were what brought us to Dover we decided to keep going north, already impressed with how easy it was to get where we were going by foot.
     After about 20 minutes at a moderate incline, the footpath ended at the front of the National Trust park. We learned it was free to enter for walkers (woo!) and an even better surprise, there was a tea house at the far end of the park! I had woken up that morning craving scones with jam and clotted cream (England is getting to me!!!) so it took a lot of will power not to sprint the 1 hour hike to the tea room. I’m kidding, the park was far too beautiful to do that!
     There were a few different paths along the top of the cliffs all surrounded by rolling green countryside covered with wild flowers. Words can’t do justice to how pretty our surroundings were! And, it was awesome to look down from the cliffs to see how high we were above the blue ocean. Here is the park map so you can see more of the layout of the trails and such. If you’re looking for an easy and relatively cheap day trip from London, I highly recommend going out to Dover for some easy hiking and amazing views!
dover views 2
backgammon break
Backgammon break! This travel backgammon board is the best gift I’ve ever gotten 🙂

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