Mac Demarco KOKO

Mac DeMarco at KOKO THEATER London

If you follow me on snap chat (jbombar) you more than likely witnessed first hand how amazing the Mac DeMarco show was he other night. Not only is he one of my current favorite artists, but we got to see him in the amazing historic KOKO theater.

KOKO opened in 1900 as The Camden Theater and used to be the regular performing home of Charlie Chaplin. Since then, the theater has seen countless performances that will go down in history. In 1964ย  the Rolling Stones recorded an album there and in 1983 Madonna performed her first show in the UK, to name a few. (See more of the cool history here!)

Mac Demarco KOKO
The architecture and multilevel layout make the now now venue/club such an awesome place to hangout in. When there isn’t a headlining performer KOKO typically has a smaller band or DJ playing which is also super fun! There are so many bars and plenty of room, not at all like most clubs you find now days. If you ever have the opportunity to see a show in London, I hope it will be at KOKO! If not, you should definitely go by on an off night for a fun night out in this beautiful historic theater.


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