Nike training club app

Fitness App You Need: Nike Training Club

Have you ever heard of the Nike Training Club app? If so, you must share my appreciation for this awesome workout tool! If you’ve never heard of NTC please, read on, and be ready to have your workout game revolutionized.
I discovered this great app back in 2014 (I know because it keeps track of your usage) and have been obsessed with it ever since. NTC provides countless free and comprehensive workouts from acclaimed athletes and trainers that are easily downloadable to do at home, the gym or even outdoors! Nike actually just did a full update to the programs as well and now sorts the workouts in rep based or time based which you could further refine down depending how long you want to work (15 min, 30 min, 45 min).

Like I said, this is perfect for the gym with many strength based workouts of all levels, or use from home, as they have a ton of body weight only sets. (Which, don’t be fooled, most of these will still get you extremely sweaty!) Still a beginner at the workout game? Don’t be turned away thinking Nike is too intense for you! Every move in every workout has video demonstrations and a guided narration to lead you and motivate you the whole way.

I find NTC another great tool to use while traveling or whenever I’m not able to commit to getting into the gym. Since it tracks all your workouts down to the minute, it’s also amazing for keeping me on track for my weekly workout goals.

What are you waiting for, download NTC from the App Store today and let me know what you think! Happy workout πŸ™‚


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