columbia road flower market

Columbia Road Flower Market – Sundays in London

Have a free Sunday in London? Even if you don’t, you should make time and get to the Columbia Road Flower Market! Open only from 8 AM until 2 PM on Sundays, the market is sure to be one of the most beautiful you can find. Whether you’re shopping for new plants for your garden, herbs, succulents, or maybe looking to pick up an amazing bouquet, I guarantee you will want everything you lay our eyes on! And, at the super low prices, why not go crazy and get all of the plants?! They are one of the best investments as I say. I was told this is where most of the shops that sell plants in the city come to stock up for the week and now I can totally see why. There were so many stands and buying straight from the flower farmers was awesome!

We picked up some really pretty statice “everlasting flower”ย  bunches. Apparently they can last years and stay pretty as they dry out without needing any water. Need to grow some of these for sure once I get back! Just once bunch was enough to fill 2 little vases and one jar at home. Yayyyy pretty house!

If you do make it to the market make sure to stop by the Flour Market Bakery (ha I know, flower market and flour market)ย  for their amazing cheese, onion & roasted tomato toast and a coffee. So great!

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