5 Tips for San Fransisco Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival

Are you heading to Outside Lands music festival next weekend? If so, LUCKY YOU! Be prepared to have an amazing time at one of the best festivals out there. The music and arts festival is located in the Golden Gate State Park right in the center of San Fransisco so it is easy to get to and a great time to see the city as well. The lineup always offers a great mixture of genres, art installations and comedy acts making the festival well rounded and awesome for everyone!

A few tips to make the most of your time:

  1. Dress for the weather. San Fran gets cold in the night once the sun starts to set! Make sure you bring a jacket or at least a long-sleeve shirt to throw on because after being in the heat all day you’ll really feel the cold.
  2. Plan who you want to see when. The festival grounds are HUGE. Like you cannot walk from one stage to the other very quickly at all, so make sure to plan out the times all your favorite artists are playing at so you don’t miss anything! It also helps to stick together with your group if you can because it is hard to meet back up with the grounds being so large.
  3. You’re going to walk a TON, so wear good shoes for that. We took the bus to get from our hotel in the Marina district to the park and the closest it takes you is still rather far away. Its fun because everyone in the city seems to be going to the festival but be prepared for a ton of walking! If you’re like me and get super thirsty, you may want to bring in a water bottle (you can bring it in with you as long as it is empty walking through) to make sure you stay hydrated!
  4. Theres going to be ridiculous surge charges for Uber after the show. I think one night it was even up to 3x. We ended up using Lyft just because we were all so tired and ready to head home but you could also take the bus if you plan it!
  5. Don’t forget to eat! There are so many good artists playing back to back, so it may seem like a good idea to skip lunch and dinner but make sure don’t! They have greatย  food trucks (I may have had the same pizza place 3 times during the weekend, it was that good) and don’t forget the Choco Lands section of all the deserts you could ever imagine! Oh yeah, and Beer Land had some of the best CA brewries so make sure to visit a few times ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy and have fun!!! Also, if you can’t make it, like me this year, they have a live stream on their site so you can still watch the show!


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