Visiting Hampstead Heath on a Sunny Saturday

When we first arrived in London I made a list of all the neighborhoods, parks, museums, shops, restaurants, bars etc. that I absolutely wanted to visit before the summer was up. (I will be sure to share that list in another post, don’t worry.) A visit to beautiful Hampstead and Hampstead Heath was certainly on the list, but since it is a bit more north than we typically went, it took us a little while to make it up there. But gosh am I so glad we finally did!

Hampstead Village is known to be home to many artists and intellectuals. Both Keats and Freud once called Hampstead home and now have museum exhibits there. The town supposedly has the most millionaires living in its boarders than any other area of London and after visiting I understand why. The streets offer that quintessential English setting with quiet neighborhoods that are so inviting.

Hampstead Heath park is found right to the north of the town and is one of the biggest parks in the area. It also has some of the highest points in London offering amazing viewing points. We had a great time laying out and reading on Parliament Hill. If you get too warm there are bathing ponds that are also really nice!


To finish the already great day we walked through the park to the northwest corner to one of England’s oldest pubsย  to The Spaniards Inn pub & beer garden. Opened in 1585, they claim that both Dickens and Keats have enjoyed beers at the historic pub. I also had the best pale ale I’ve had in London since being here, Hop Fiction by BrewDog.ย  It was a lovely day!


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