Why I’ll Miss Clotted Cream The Most

Oh London, I miss you already. Unpredictable and typically-gloomy weather and endless cool activities. But most of all, I miss your scones and clotted cream. I know, gross, what is this “clotted cream” and why do I keep talking about it. Also known as Cornish Cream, this wonderful delicacy is made by heating full-fat cow’s milk and then letting it cool giving it its thick buttery texture. I was surprised to learn no sugar is added given how sweet it is! It is most commonly served on scones at afternoon tea and then topped with strawberry or raspberry jam. Honestly it is life changing! And that is coming from someone who doesn’t really enjoy eating much dairy.

If you aren’t salivating already, you’ll be happy to learn that due to its very high fat content, about 64%, clotted cream actually ranks the least healthy of 120 foods representative of the British diet. Fun! And every 100 gram tub has the calorie equivalent to a cheese burger. Lovely!

Tea at Kensington Gardens london
Afternoon tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery in Kensington Gardens, London!

Alright, but all jokes aside, you need to try clotted cream. And I need to figure out a way to order some online and get it shipped to the U.S. High saturated fat can’t stop me!!!

Happy tea time!

afternoon tea at the tea terrace house of fraser oxford street london



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