Saturdays NYC COFFEE

Taking Time For Self Study

This past summer has taught me more than a few things. The most challenging one? Learning that it is okay to take a step back and making sure you’re on the right track. Because for goodness sake we only have one life and I certainly want mine to be lived to the fullest!
I think we move so fast from high school to college to the working world here in the U.S. that it is very easy to get swept in a direction that may not be perfect for you. That’s not to say you’re forced into something you didn’t intend to and you one day wake up and are completely miserable. (At least I hope that’s not the case for anyone…) But do you ever wonder if you had made a different series of choices would you be somewhere else in life? If you had taken a different summer internship two years back would you even be in this industry? What if you had taken a different class and ended up finding that one thing you’re really great at?
I think there is that critical turning point a few years after graduating college where you must pause and evaluate. Are you just making a current situation work or is this truly what you want to be doing? Is there anything you gave up to take this job that may have been shoved to the back burner and perhaps may slip completely from your grasp given a few more years? Well at my one year point, I did do that self check-in and started to realize that I may not be 100% loving what I was doing every day. Although I wasn’t dreading going to work every day and was very far from the point of getting in the car one morning and driving the other direction. But, when you have those small questions pop into your head wondering if this is the best way to be spending your days…why not listen? Life is so short to not take a little time for yourself and consider what would make you the most happy.
Yes, the world will go on spinning without you. Your company will replace you. And it will probably feel weird even though you make the decision to leave. Your friends will continue getting promotions and you will continue to eat up your savings. People are going to act like you’re insane for uprooting your life and willingly being unemployed. And yes, you will probably wonder if you made a huge mistake more times thank you can count. BUT, it will all be worth it in the end. I’m a firm believer that everything does work out the way it was meant to and the universe will appreciate you putting your foot down and pursuing the things that matter to you.
I paused my seemingly perfect life with my seemingly perfect job in California for a few months of traveling. Now I’m back with a clear head and a better idea of what I want but I’m also unemployed and staying with my parents and friends until I find that perfect job. Is it scary? YEP. I have a little panic attack almost every day. Will it be worth it? Yes, yes I do believe it will be. It takes a lot to stand up and change your situation. It also makes you feel good to realize you are strong enough to do what’s best for yourself. Even if it is extremely hard in that current moment.
I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to not let myself be one of those people who wakes up ten years later wondering how they got in the situation they’re in. I think it will be a lesson that will stick with me in life. If something isn’t making you completely happy, there’s no reason not to stand up and change it!


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Side note, this photo was taken at the Saturdays NYC shop. An adorable surf/coffee/clothes shop with a lovely back garden perfect for relaxing in the big city. Highly recommend if you’re in New York! Have a happy Monday everyone πŸ™‚



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