Why You Should Try a Tabata HIIT Workout

Looking to spice up your workout? Whether you’re into working out in the gym with equipment or at home with just body weight, tabata interval training is one of my favorite methods to not let my workouts get stale.

I’m sure you may have heard some talk about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Basically it is any type of high-intensity work interval paired with a period of rest/low intensity and repeated. It’s great because it is proven to burn more fat and keep heart level up AND can be done effectively in about 20 minutes! Sounds great to me. There are many different forms of HIIT and tabata training is just one of them. It consists of 8 rounds of “work” segments at 20 seconds broken up by 10 second rest periods in between. That’s it, 20 seconds at a time…totally management right? And there are plenty of HIIT timer apps keep track of your time for you.

Here are some ways I use the tabata method with equipment:

Elliptical – I typically find myself loosing interest in any sort of cardio machines within the first 10 minutes. Rather than keep pushing on at a semi-productive rate I have found using tabata drills keep me engaged and having fun! I usually do the 20 second work segments at a higher incline/resistance sprint and back it down a few levels for the 10 second breaks in between (but don’t stop!). You can keep going at the same resistance intervals each time or increase every round or few rounds to build up heavier.

Weight machines/free weights – I think most people do 3 rounds of 10-12 reps on machines, which sometimes is perfect. Depending on what it is I will do tabata reps instead, starting with a slightly lighter weight and building up once I’m at around round 4-5 out of the 8.

Here are some ways I use the tabata method without equipment:

Body weight workouts – This can be anything from jump squats, lunges, push-ups or ab work. The opportunities for different workouts are endless! I typically like to do a cardio type round, leg round, arm round, followed by an abs or back-work round. I’ll include my go-to below.

And, if you don’t feel like doing the same move for 8 rounds for the entire tabata segment you can alternate. Depending if I’m using equipment or not I alternate every other, every 2 segments, or split it 4 segments one move 4 the other. These so many combinations and its so quick (only 4 minutes each round) I know you can push through and have a great time!

I’ve also pinned some great tabata work outs (among other types) to my Pinterest workout board so check them out for some inspo! I’ve found a bunch of great tabata workouts from Pumps & Iron on there which I love.

Have a great workout!

32 minute tabata workout - Must Love Sunshine

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