Must Love Sunshine Rescue Dog Collage

Reasons to Rescue – Mutts are the Cutest!

Looking for a reason to rescue a dog from your local shelter? Here’s my story. Three years ago I fostered what I thought was a miniature dachshund puppy who I named Ellie. She was probably 5 pounds and small enough to fit in one hand. I’m usually not a small dog person (although I love all dogs!) but she was the cutest thing ever and had the best personality. As someone who has fostered over 20 puppies, one of the best parts of fostering is seeing how different all their little personalities are!

Long story short, I ended up taking Ellie home to see my parents and everyone fell in love with her. My family ended up secretly adopting her from the Gainesville Pet Rescue and she has been the best dog EVER.

Baby Ellie at about 4 months old.

She’s absolutely adorable and everywhere we go we get comments on her. “What is she?” “Look at those legs!” “How cute, what kind of dog?” Honestly, we have no clue. She is definitely dachshund judging from her long body (which has since grown to be about 40 pounds from her original 5) and her extremely bent front legs. She also has the fluffy butt of a corgi and wavy golden coloring of a golden retriever. What the heck? I know.

Rescue dog
Big grown up Ellie!

But thats just another great part of rescuing…you saved a unique dog thats going to be your best friend forever! And, I’ve heard mutts get the best traits personality-wise and health-wise of all the breeds they’re made up of 😉  If you’re like Ellie and I, you’ll be in for  super fun adventure and endless guessing game of what the heck are you. Mutts rule! ❤

Must Love Sunshine Rescue Dog Collage


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