Who Would Have Thought Learning to Code Could Be Fun?

Have you ever wanted to learn to code? I never really gave it much thought until I started working in eCom. It’s always been something that I knew existed but never saw how it applied to anything having to do with me. Well, SURPRISE! Code is in everything. And such a powerful tool in creating any experience on the internet. I’m loving how there is such a growing focus on teaching coding! I’ve been doing classes on an awesome site called CodeCademy and surprisingly having fun!

CodeCademy offers free tutorial modules in web development language and how to implement those language skills into programs. I’ve started with the HTML & CSS class to help learn how to create and style websites and emails. They also have courses on Sass, SQL, Java and a bunch more I’ve really never heard of but I’m sure are super useful! And, as if those 22 options weren’t enough, they even have small “goal” courses that are fun, like animating your name in colorful bubbles.

So far I’ve learned how to make my own site, add header text with different font sizes and insert images and links (and even link the images!). I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is so neat seeing how lines of text can turn into an interactive thing on a screen. I can’t wait to take more courses and learn more about the applications and programs. You should give it a try! They even track your progress and break everything down into small lessons so it is super manageable and fun.

Happy coding!

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