Fruit pattern Must Love Sunshine blog

How to Make Repeating Patterns in Photoshop

Have you every heard of designer and blogger Justina Blakeney? She’s one of my favorites so chances are I’ve probably mentioned her to you, but if not you should check out her blog the Jungalow. It’s filled with obsession-worthy bohemian houses and interiors, plants galore, and pretty hand made art. So yep, basically everything you need in life.

My favorite work from Justina are her repeating patterns. Shes actually so good at them that she sells wallpaper and textiles like shower curtains and more! Justina was great enough to put up a repeating pattern tutorial on her blog and it is SO FUN, I needed to share it. I had previously painted these fruits so I thought they would be perfect to use in the pattern. Turns out making these little patterns is a lot easier than you’d think! Follow her step by step tutorial in her post here. But beware…once you make one you’re not going to want to stop there!

Fruit pattern Must Love Sunshine blog


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