Camping Sequoia National Park

This is part two of the epic road trip Chris and I took last week. We started in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles for a night, camped in Sequoia National Park the next, headed north to Yosemite for a few nights and finish back in the funky and warm Venice Beach, LA. I hope you enjoy following along with our adventures!

Drive time:

It took us about 4 hours to drive from LA (including stopping at Trader Joe’s for supplies) so this is totally reasonable for a weekend trip! If coming from LA area you will come through the south entrance via the 198. Make sure you get gas before entering the park if you need because the next gas station is like 35 miles from there at Stony Creek Village (which also has free wifi…be prepared to not have any service other than that).


$30 entrance fee. Seems a bit excessive but its good for 7 days entry to both Sequoia and Kings Canyon (which we didn’t get to see this time).


Must Sees:

Tunnel Log – A drive-through tunnel made from a tree that was estimated to be older than 2,000 years when it fell in 1937. Definitely one of the coolest things there in my opinion! Make sure you watch on the map when you’re heading there, its on the same road past Moro Rock so a little tricky to find.

Moro Rock – The 349 step climb to the top of this granite foundation is 100% worth the effort. The stairs were built in 1931 and I imagine the panoramic views were just as amazing back then. Takes maybe an hour total so not a bad climb, make sure you bring a camera!

Make sure to leave plenty of time to pull off and hangout in the giant forest as you drive through. The trees are amazingly, photos really don’t do them any justice.

Where to camp:

We camped at Lodgepole Campground and had no problem finding a spot. All of the sites are first come first serve, but make sure to do research as many of them were closed when we were there in early October. I saw a lot of recommendations for Potwisha campgrounds as it is lower elevation and warmer, but to be honest the location wasn’t very impressive. Definitely worth the colder temps to be further into the forest with the big trees!

Make sure you’re prepped with enough supplied depending on the weather. Going in the beginning of fall we didn’t expect it to be so chilly but it got down to the 20’s at night!


Head over here to check out the third leg of this trip, Yosemite. If you missed the first day in Hollywood catch the LA recap here.


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