What I Learned From Traveling

Remember when I when to Europe back in June to travel and explore London with Christopher while he was over there doing research at UCL? It was of course awesome and wonderful and everything I ever could have asked for. I constantly think to myself how fortunate I am that I had the opportunity in my life to step back and take a few months to enjoy exploring other cities and cultures. BUT (there’s always a but) those few months also made me realize some things that I might not have had the chance to otherwise.

First off, traveling is not all that its chalked up to be. Of course, it is absolutely amazing to see different places and expand your world view and everyone should have the chance to, but…its not easy! All those travel bloggers you see that are constantly on the road either have a ton of money or somehow have no need for rest and relaxation. Planning trips in foreign countries where you can’t speak the language, figuring out public transportation, the best things to do/eat/where to stay gets really really tiring. I quickly realized how nice it is to have a home and be able to come home and CHILL. It is so important to live somewhere you enjoy exploring on a regular basis and definitely makes me consider where the best place to settle down is. Towards the end of our trip, we were so happy to just hang out at our flat in London and explore the area just as much as we wanted to plan a trip to Spain or Brussels. It helped that there were endless opportunities of things to do in LDN, but there is just something so nice about being able to not have to pack a bag and jump on a plane every few days.

Second, America is truly the most amazing place to grow up and live. Sometimes you have to leave and try other things to realize what you have! I totally took living in Southern CA for granted and Florida before that. Everything is so amazingly easy here! Hikes 20 minutes away, beaches a 5 minute walk away, freeways to take you virtually anywhere, grocery stores with unfathomable choices of healthy snacks and produce on every corner.ย  I always dreamt of one day finding a job with a company that would allow me to work overseas. This summer really made stop and think about that being a choice I would want. Its so amazing here, talk to any young person you meet abroad. Chances are, they’ll go on and on about how lucky you are to be living in California. Kind of gives you a new perspective on what you thought was “normal life.”

Third, the United States is insanely large. Both Chris and I left Europe looking forward to exploring in our own backyard for the foreseeable future. I’m pretty proud of us for already checking Yosemite off of that list by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are so lucky to have so many diverse cities and states all within driving distance or a quick trip away. (I know, I just said how nice it is to not travel all the time. I mean like, eventually.) We might not have the ancient historical aspect that places in Europe and Asia do, but we have some pretty cool options. From New Orleans, San Fransisco, New York City, The Keys, Austin and others, we have plenty of unique cultures to explore right here!ย  That’s totally not to say no need to go abroad, but, certainly would be a shame is you didn’t explore all that our own country has to offer as well!

Fourth, I learned that I love having a routine. Waking up every day with only “adventure” on the to do list is an amazing feeling of freedom. But, I really LOVE having a plan and structured life. I’m such a planner and I can’t help it. I know of course if you’re in a routine too long you begin to get stale and not planning everything is sometimes just as good for you as planning. But now that I’m back and looking for jobs and hearing my friends complain everyday about going to work and I’m like WOW I would love to trade places with you. Now that I’m back I honestly cannot wait to find an adorable house to stay at for a while and finally find that perfect job I’ve been searching for.

So, what do you guys think. Anyone agree with me or am I just a little crazy? Could YOU live out of a suitcase non stop for a half a year? Cause I certainly am not into it.


One thought on “What I Learned From Traveling

  1. You are so right about the opportunities to travel and explore right in your own backyard. Local travel isn’t rushed or expensive. Another advantage is that your friends and family can relate to your stories because they may also had been there. As you say, long-term international travel opportunities are amazing, but local travel can be just as rewarding.


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